Multi-Year Registration, E-notification & Auto-Renew Option

Multi-Year Registration, E-notification & Auto-Renew Option

What problem does it solve? Every year, DMV has to mail thousands of renewal notices by mail, and they often get lost in mail or gets misplaced by car owners, resulting in unregistered vehicle violation. A two-year or a three-year renewals will save time and cost spent in mailing those notice. It will eliminate the yearly renewal redundancy. Often times, drivers unintentionally forget to renew their registration and may end up getting a ticket. What is your solution and who does it apply to? 1. Multi-Year discount option: Vehicle owners should receive a discount if they choose to renew vehicle registration for two years or three years. 2. E-Notification – Create an email and text reminder notifications for vehicle registration renewal and also for DL/ID renewals. Drivers should be able to sign up to receive E-notification/reminders. In this case, DMV would not have to mail renewal notices. 3. Auto-renewal option – At the time of renewal, credit/debit card of vehicle owner’s gets charged automatically. They would get a text message and email notifying them of payment. What is the anticipated impact? 1. Cost-effective: Under two-year or three-year renewals, notices and new registration card are sent once every two or three years, depending upon which option is selected. Under the current system, registration renewal notices & new cards are mailed every year. Such wasteful spending could be minimized significantly. The E-notification would save more money for the State. 2. Convenience: The vehicle registration process becomes very simple and convenient. No more mailing in forms, unable to renew online (pin required) if notice is misplaced. Less hassle for vehicle owners. Also, E-notification would be the most convenient way to inform them that’s it’s time to renew registration and may be DL/ID’s. 3. Increase in compliance: The number of unregistered vehicles may be reduced. The auto-renewal feature and E-notification would certainly help reduce number of unregistered vehicles on the road.


Great idea! YES YES YES!

Auto renewal might create a challenge if the MVC was expected to keep a customer's financial information securely on file.

If we simplify compliance for citizens we also free up law enforcement to be focused on more potentially harm or accident causing traffic violations. Their time will be used helping to keep us all safer rather than issuing fines for paperwork non compliance. A great way to better use our valuable resources!

Hello Rosemarie: Just like the way other sensitive information such as DL/ID, addresses, vehicle information etc. are kept on file securely, credit/debit cards info could be retained the same way.

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