Migrate from PMIS to Cloud-Based Human Resource Mgmt System

Migrate from PMIS to Cloud-Based Human Resource Mgmt System

What problem does it solve? The Personnel Management Information System (PMIS) that is currently in place across all state agencies is extremely outdated and difficult to use. Information is input manually, which is not only time consuming for employees but also leaves room for human error. Further, the individuals who are the most knowledgeable in this program are retiring. Migrating to a cloud would solve these problems by creating a system that is easier to use, maintain, and understand. What is your solution and who does it apply to? The solution applies to all State Departments, and begins with the Civil Service Commission. We need to assess our current IT infrastructure and determine what data can be migrated to a cloud environment. We would then need to select a cloud provider, create a strategy, develop a cloud architecture, and execute the migration process. Getting off of software from the 1980s is the greatest way we can modernize all of our State Departments and Agencies. What is the anticipated impact? The greatest impact would be the time savings and usability – employees would no longer have to spend time in an instructor-led course learning how to use PMIS, or reading a manual in order to understand the data in the system. A new system would be easier to navigate, maintain, and report on. Additionally, a new program with a modern interface would present an optics improvement, showing that the workings of state government are progressing with the times. We would no longer be tied down to servers, and there would be a minimal chance of our applications going down because of cloud providers’ high availability, load balancing, and backup functionality. We need to make this change eventually – why not now?


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