Model Government Office Unit-+ Education

Model Government Office Unit-+ Education

What problem does it solve? Reduce under-employed positions & maximize efficiency. An in-depth study & documentation of duties performed at every position will create a better understanding of work flow for the employee, supervisor, manager & commissioner. The gatherings of this study may be implemented into a Department-wide education program for employees to become conversant with the mission of the Department. This will improve the streamline of inquiries from the public and create better understanding among the ranks. What is your solution and who does it apply to? -Creating a model of efficiency in a Government Unit will create a goal for each employee to attain. -Supervisors and managers sit with each employee and gain an understanding of all duties performed at each position. -From this data, the Unit would create a Standard-Operating-Procedures manual, work-flow charts and an intensive cross-training program. -Employees document and explain the work done at their desk by keeping a log with steps, systems, directions, instructions for each task they perform and capture all variations to the norm. -Maintain regular updates to duties and manuals. -Parlay information gathering into an intra-Departmental Education Program. _Implement Intra-Departmental Education Program. -Bring Merit System into State Government. -Overhaul the Civil Service Title system so people can more readily learn and advance their positions. What is the anticipated impact? -The necessity of Intensive Cross-training is absolute. Each employee must be efficient in at least two work functions within the unit or within an associated Unit of the Department. -Cross-training will help identify an employees best talents. Most importantly, it will identify wasted time, money, space and will assist it implementing efficiencies and improvements. -Documenting and studying absolute workload is the only way root out inefficiencies. -Educating employees will streamline information flow. -Educating employees to the Department Mission will have have positive aggregate effects. -Reduce public frustrations in communications with Departments and will enhance the perception of the State Employee. -Directly save taxpayer money.


A study of this kind will easily identify areas where workload can be redistributed to ease the load on the overworked positions & add projects to the under-worked positions. This continues the learning and provides the satisfaction of an honest-days-work. This is the key to the cure of stress in the workplace. Working in a low-stress environment will have boundless impact on health & wellness-- saving everyone pain, suffering & money.

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