State Messenger Platform

State Messenger Platform

What problem does it solve? Employees in the field will have a quicker line of communication between employees at HQ and other departments. Currently, each department function as it's own island, which makes it difficult when it comes to communication. Eliminate the strain of back and fourth emails, which may or may not include everyone involved. What is your solution and who does it apply to? One solution for this issue is to develop or buy a state messenger platform. However, don't be cheap. The platform should allow for away messages, group chats, and everything else you would typical expect from a chat platform. Can you imagine the effectiveness of starting a chat room for your project and having everyone involved in one location. What is the anticipated impact? This will impact everyone, from the bottom up. It will help bring DOT employees closer together, while also improving the efficiency and effectiveness of different departments.


No need to reinvent a wheel. We have outlook, texts and calls. There are readily available solutions such as Whatsapp

I understand your point but I don't see it as recreating the wheel. It's about improving communication within the state. We have outlook, yes, but how many times does information get lost in someone's email thread. How knowledgeable are employees on outlook. How many people are even signed up on WhatsApp. I don't think it would hurt to have a dedicated platform for communicating within the state. It could also be educating employees on the things we do have.

If you present a group of people many options you'll have a lot of people using different applications. If you present them with one option you'll get everyone using the same system thus creating a more efficient and effective form of communication. I've seen companies utilize chats and forums to greatly improved their bottom-line. In the age of social media it doesn't get more modern then improving the way people interact.

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