Let's Make NJ Roadsides Clean and Clear

Let's Make NJ Roadsides Clean and Clear

What problem does it solve? NJ's roadsides are dumping grounds for trash, garbage, cans and bottles, plastic bags, and fast food refuse. I can't bear to look at the roadsides traveling from Newark Liberty Airport, all along Route 22, and most exits from most highways. What a terrible sight for those arriving at Newark Liberty. A newspaper op ed piece once called New Jersey "The Garbage State." What is your solution and who does it apply to? I propose that DOT prepare trucks with large vacuum hoses that can travel the roadways and vacuum up the refuse. They have had an Adopt a Highway initiative, but I think it has faded, partly because it is quite unsafe for volunteers on foot and also the tick problem walking through high grass. But I do think we could involve volunteers if there were trucks to set the slow, safe pace and keep traffic away. We would also need to make this a positive social experience for volunteers. Our Office of Volunteerism in the Department of State would be willing to work with DOT on this. Clearing and beautifying our roadsides would benefit everyone. What is the anticipated impact? Let's change "The Garbage State" back to "The Garden State."


How about the volunteers come from the prison system and those caught littering. Penalties should also be stricter and more stringently enforced.

Yes, Laurin they actually used to do that out on Route 1 going into Trenton. However, I have not seen them in a few years. Maybe there was an incident or complaint &/ lack of $.

Driving into the State Capitol on Route 1 is also terrible with strewn garbage. Some is most likely flying out of garbage trucks, so that would be a good area of mandate for new garbage trucks to have better containment. We can also use more fines & reminders for people who throw garbage out the car window.

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