Avoid redundancies

Avoid redundancies

What problem does it solve? Unnecessary postal mailing redundancy What is your solution and who does it apply to? The Office of Legal Affairs notifies Hearing Requester direct denial or initial deficiency letter by regular AND certified mail if mail required. Certified mail intent is to allow DEP delivery tracking. Though, this mailing method does not guarantee obtaining delivery notification certainly (i.e. sometimes the certified mail tracking card never returns). Therefore, it is unclear to me the value of sending both i.e. certified and the regular mail. I propose to eliminate the redundancy of mailing both regular and certified mail by sending only the certified mail for the time being, aiming to communicate mainly by email. The NJ Government should make the effort to obtain emails from those with whom it communicates. This effort would reduce spending and improve notification delivery. The solution would combine certified mail and email. This will save regular mail expenses of paper, envelops, and stamps. What is the anticipated impact? I have observed this opportunity for improvement in a very restricted area of the Government. If this practice is standard across the Government, the potential improvement impact could be significant.


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