Paperless State Government

Paperless State Government

What problem does it solve? A Paperless State Government would result in substantial direct cost-savings for the State and its citizens. It would show that the NJ State Government is serious about implementing environmentally preferable practices in its operations. By “leading the way”, the change would encourage other NJ businesses and citizens to follow suit. What is your solution and who does it apply to? While a paperless State Government may seem too ambitious, I am a part of the perfect group to take on this challenge. I work at the Department of Environmental Protection and am part of an internal volunteer group that’s mission is to ‘promote environmentally preferable practices in DEP’s operations in a socially and economically responsible manner.’ Our group has 40+ members and is comprised of Research Scientists, Engineers, IT specialists, and those specializing in Sustainability and Recycling. We will develop a Pilot Program to make the DEP a Paperless Agency. We will focus on 1 Program in the DEP, analyzing how much paper is being used, and meeting with employees to determine how to significantly reduce paper usage immediately and developing a plan to further reduce paper usage. The goal will be 50% paper reduction in year 1, & 100% paper reduction in year 2. The program can then be implemented to the rest of the DEP, and then be subsequently introduced to other State Agencies. What is the anticipated impact? A Paperless State Government will save millions of dollars in paper costs alone! Additionally, by going paperless work processes can be streamlined and made more efficient, enabling all State Agencies to be more productive. New Jersey will reduce its carbon footprint and encourage businesses and citizens of New Jersey to reduce their own paper usage.


All printing should at least be defaulted to double-sided. There is definitely a great deal of wasted paper and not enough recycling to offset the usage.

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