Department of Health Electronic Facilities Licensing

Department of Health Electronic Facilities Licensing

What problem does it solve? Eliminating the need to submit paper forms and fees to various DOH agencies that license facilities (e.g. laboratory and blood bank licensing) would save money on paper, postage, and hands-on time that employees could spend on necessary non-clerical tasks (e.g. facility inspections). What is your solution and who does it apply to? Purchase of a new software system by a 3rd party vendor would make the entire clinical laboratory licensure system paperless, thereby allowing staff more time to perform on-site inspections, furthering the Department's mission to safeguard the public health and save lives. What is the anticipated impact? The solution would benefit employees AND external stakeholders (i.e. the licensed laboratory community in NJ and beyond). Electronic submission of numerous forms and fees into one, unified, streamlined system would save money and time. External stakeholders would most benefit by having user-friendly, easily-identifiable, simple to navigate system that can be accessed even when DOH offices are closed. Automated processing of annual license renewals by the external stakeholders would slash thousands of hours of hands-on time currently needed by staff, not to mention cost savings on printing of paper, licenses, color ink purchasing, printer maintenance, and postage for thousands of entities each year.


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