New Jersey Repurposing Task Force (NJRTF)

New Jersey Repurposing Task Force (NJRTF)

What problem does it solve? This Task Force will assess all State Dept. regarding efficiency, quantitative/qualitative production, & accountability. It will solve the issues of nonproductive employees, Restructuring office functionality & implementation of NEW SOP's, will eliminate the "It's who you know" promotional/hiring practice, implement 8 month integration retirement plan, eliminate out sourcing to temp agencies/ establish more permanent positions. What is your solution and who does it apply to? My solution is to create a Task Force that will be responsible for the evaluation of all NJ state departments. All Directors, Managers, Supervisors will be assessed by this team, regardless of relationships and appointments by "People with Clout". This Task Force does not have to provide dates/times for the Dept. assessment and only reports to the Governor's office. They will have the ability to make recommendations for terminations, demotions, promotions, and additional trainings. In addition they will have the responsibility of restructuring a Dept. and jobs that have become obsolete due to our technological advances. The TF will create assessments to test for employees efficiency. As well as recommend/implement new SOP plans, and reevaluation within 60 days to show progress. TF will also be responsible to hold Depts. accountable for errors & no productivity. As for retirees, we have a disconnect with knowledge being lost. Plan is to create an exchange of knowledge program. What is the anticipated impact? This TF will impact the quality of services provided by the State of New Jersey. Not only will we have the opportunity to reduce the amount of $ the State spends on obsolete salaries, but we are uplifting the moral of current hard working employees. We hold everyone accountable for their actions and productions and can no longer pass the buck to hide incompetency. Generations can finally be given the opportunity to obtain State employment without facing competition from unqualified but very connected candidates. We can bring more accountability to those in positions due to "favors" and replace and repurpose them, if they are in positions not suited for their abilities. We will be able to bridge the gap between efficiency, accountability and productivity.


Hiring temps is not cost effective, and it denies people benefits they deserve.

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