Fast Track Purchasing

Fast Track Purchasing

What problem does it solve? Shortens very long approvals time What is your solution and who does it apply to? Allow units to follow a budget and make small purchases without higher approval. As the purchases get larger, more approval would be needed. A unit can have an approved budget and have monthly updates. If more money is needed, they can fill out a request and it can be processed as it is normally now. Waiting 20+ business days and having to get director approval for a $10 item is ridiculous. What is the anticipated impact? A huge amount of man-hours would be saved throughout; from the person purchasing to the ones approving it. Purchases would be made in a timely manner and the state would operate more efficiently.


This is a complete no-brainer. Set up a tiered system for approvals and provide budget reports to managers to make sure everything is on track.

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