What problem does it solve? Restores liberty and prosperity to NJ citizens as our flag is supposed to represent. Gives hope that their freedoms are restored and protected, tax money is used wisely, corruption is minimized, and better public perception of state government. A public servant's priority is to represent the interests of citizens, not demand certain features or money to only benefit themselves such as some of these ideas listed. This is an opportunity to help ALL of NJ, lets speak the truth. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Seriously address the good ideas in this challenge that benefit the public and follows one of the three outcomes it was intended for. Stop following the ever erroneous narrative of increasing taxes, creating more failed state units to solve problems, increasing fees to every service, and creating feel good laws. Start being competitive with other states, public needs a reason to invest here. NY and NJ drive people away. >>>Reduce gov size, reduce payroll, reform the state offices to distribute workload evenly, eliminate pensions, have merit based promotions, privatize some services and projects, lease naming rights to bridges, etc, improve transparency, accountability, welcome corporations, encourage small business with less regulation and costs, reduce union leadership and high salaries, criminal justice reform, four day or work at home options, allow new and youthful employees to work their full potential without being limited to old out of date practices and/or overbearing staff<<< What is the anticipated impact? NJ has a thriving economy on par with the rest of the country; housing market increases; citizen enthusiasm to invest, live, and do business in NJ goes up; middle and low income wages rise; Government becomes less dependent on tax money and the public becomes less dependent on government; increased revenue by allowing more freedom and less regulation, not by force which provides a better outcome. Proud New Jerseyians once again. Happy, efficient, ethical state employees.


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