Consolidate similar services offered by different Programs

Consolidate similar services offered by different Programs

What problem does it solve? As of now prescription services for different departments are run individually. A lot of NJ people move between these programs for their prescription services based on their income. They are frequently faced with issues in getting their prescriptions on time due to various reasons at the pharmacy or programs changes. The consolidation of these services will immensely help our beneficiaries get their medication on time. It will not only help the staff with regards to effective internal communica What is your solution and who does it apply to? Combine all pharmaceutical services offered by the state government under one division. This would help our beneficiaries get answers to all their pharmaceutical questions efficiently under one roof. What is the anticipated impact? Improved communication and training between staff members; costs saving for the state as all these services would be offered by one department; a more effective process that will reduce staff time, increase productivity and improve customer service.


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