Transportation reimbursement vs. shuttle services

Transportation reimbursement vs. shuttle services

What problem does it solve? Most employees have to use their own transportation to go to different meetings and get reimbursed later. Sometimes it is 2-3 people from the same department going to the same meeting using their own vehicles. By using shuttle services for all employees going to the same meeting, it can possibly decrease the cost of State spending for mileage reimbursement as the mileage reimbursements rates are soon to go up What is your solution and who does it apply to? By having shuttle services they can avoid having many state cars just sitting in the parking lot. They can be used for interoffice shuttle services for meeting as part of the program. This will also increase the availability of State cars to State employees conducting official business. What is the anticipated impact? The use of shuttle service will not only help with the reimbursement cost but will also have employees save time as they travel together to the same meetings and increase productivity. This could also impact the budget of that department and free the monies to be used at areas of need.


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