Dissolve EO225 (Network Infrastructure Consolidation by OIT)

Dissolve EO225 (Network Infrastructure Consolidation by OIT)

What problem does it solve? On the surface it appears as if server/hardware consolidation is a cost saver, however, in practice, it handcuffs agencies from operating with expediency and creativity when it comes to IT initiatives. What is your solution and who does it apply to? CTO Rein is a great leader but inherited EO225 which is too far reaching. NJ should look to how the private sector operates and outsource it’s server infrastructure. It is safer and more reliable. What is the anticipated impact? EO225 has taken the authority away from the agencies while hindering urgency and/or accountability (things that used to take a couple of weeks now drag on for 6-8 months, including projects and procurement). NJ is in jeopardy of once again going from progressive to regressive. Think about it, EO225 was initiated by the prior administration and kicked off right before the election. It was doomed to fail and is now going to be the present administration’s doomed legacy. Please consider looking into the details and talk to all agencies. They were not given a voice when EO225 was first adopted. If EO225 continues down this path, agencies will be forced to duplicate hiring of their staff that was absorbed by OIT so their mission critical initiatives do not continue to suffer.


I am a software engineer who works in development operations. Due to EO225, I have to jump through one or more hoops to solve certain basic problems -- and it may not be quick. Even something as simple as rebooting a server that failed to start correctly now takes much longer than it should. EO225 seems like it might be a good move for business, but it's a bad move for developers. Devs who have proven to be capable enough should be allowed to handle the hardware their software resides on.

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