Long-Term: Contingency Plan for New Ideas

Long-Term: Contingency Plan for New Ideas

What problem does it solve? Allowing a continuous, thoughtful approach to implement new ideas across New Jersey's state government could potentially solve a vast amount of issues if this process continues long-term. At this point in the process and without having the research on hand or completed, this question is somewhat difficult to quantify, but that is the crux of the idea...To implement a permanent solution for allowing new ideas to be considered and implemented as a common practice versus a one-time process. What is your solution and who does it apply to? The solution will be to improve the current process and make it permanent. An idea in and of itself does not make it good or beneficial to implement, but it is a great place to start! A long-term engine generating ideas or a "playbook" of ideas for the Executive Branch to use means that it would apply to everyone, including businesses, residents, and visitors and future generations. What is the anticipated impact? The sky is the limit! Or, at least it should be. The call to take action, in submitting ideas to improve government processes that will save money, from the Governor to his executive branch is novel but somewhat short-sighted. The flow of ideas should not be a one-time process, but a long-term solution that deserves its own permanent place in government planning. Without precisely knowing how Phase 2 of this process will work, a pilot project is discussed as part of the implementation process, but hopefully, a full proposal inclusive of data, science, and proper analysis, will be considered. I believe there is room for more growth and improvement on this current process so that success can be achieved at a higher probability and continue in the future.


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