Streamline the Hiring and Promotional Processes

Streamline the Hiring and Promotional Processes

What problem does it solve? The onboarding and promotional practices are extremely antiquated and discourage potential candidates from applying. Once hired, the promotional rules/classification reviews are so lengthy that even the best and brightest become demoralized which affects performance and attitudes towards government employment. It takes close to a year to backfill vacancies and can take months once a candidate is selected (with the potential to lose a candidate to outside offers). What is your solution and who does it apply to? Let's streamline the hiring approval process and mandate that all agencies begin using modern onboarding software. Right now, agencies are all over the place with how they recruit and onboard candidates. There are fantastic software options available. Let’s think of Statewide solutions for all agencies so that we can all share in the cost to make it manageable for everyone. What is the anticipated impact? This is a tremendous opportunity to work towards selecting and retaining the best and brightest for NJ’s workforce.


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