From SOS-GIS Mapping of Cultural, Historic & Art Resources

From SOS-GIS Mapping of Cultural, Historic & Art Resources

What problem does it solve? On behalf of Secretary Way-The mapping system would create a comprehension database of arts, cultural, and historical resources, treasurers and sites in the state making it easy for residents and visitors to find them and for first responders and others to identify these sites. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Using existing technology and mapping we would work with each county as well as State and National Historic listings to compile lists and map sites of significance to the arts, culture and tourism industry in NJ. What is the anticipated impact? Residents and visitors would have easier access to the various sites and be able to better coordinate visits, increasing tourism and adding revenue to those sites which charge an entry fee. First responders and other officials would be able to coordinate responses in an emergency and catalog damage as needed. In addition to responding for disasters, statewide arts, cultural and historic GIS mapping could be used for the promotion and positioning of New Jersey for attraction of business, tourism and developments-state, county and local planning.


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