Feature NJ Exporters on NJ Business Portal

Feature NJ Exporters on NJ Business Portal

What problem does it solve? NJ products and services may not be known internationally. Listing NJ companies on NJ websites/Facebook may increase comapnies’ International marketing efforts through improved search engine optimization. We can also work with US Foreign Commercial Service partners to post companies on their websites to further gain overseas exposure. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Starting with monthly or bi-weekly featured comapny(ies) and overtime developing a NJ exporters listing. Companies need to be qualified. State of NJ’s service is free of charge. USDOC’s website posting requires a nominal fee, but can be paid by companies or by the State’s STEP grant. What is the anticipated impact? Posting on state or federal government’s website carries huge weight/value in foreign countries. After posted for a period of time, we can work with NJ companies to evaluate and quantify export sales increase results.


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