One-Stop Accounts

One-Stop Accounts

What problem does it solve? Problems solved: 1. Reduction in time by employees' and individuals, businesses, and parties who conduct business with New Jersey 2. Reduction in money wasted making phone calls, emails, sending mail, etc. by having contact and billing information updated v. resending/returning mail/info. when it gets delivered to the wrong address 3. Reduction in paper & electricity used on unnecessary calls, emails, & mail processing 4. More efficient communication with state government - less frustration What is your solution and who does it apply to? Create the ability for a central, electronic account to be held by individuals, businesses, and every entity that conducts business with New Jersey. This account would work with every agency's database and IT platform. In other words, take a step further to make it easier to communicate with government - have someone provide an address or billing information one time v. 100. What is the anticipated impact? The anticipated impact is very positive on both sides on the fence! Less time and work devoted to correcting and updating information that should be very simple and easy to manage, i.e., name, address, phone number, email. The savings in time and money could be significant. At the very least, have each agency/department implement its own centralized account for conducting business. Easy, right? This may present challenges that should be viewed as opportunities to improve upon existing technology, software, and hardware. The account could be expanded to allow for the submission of documents and other forms that are required on paper.


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