Development of Medication Management / Physician Order Entry

Development of Medication Management / Physician Order Entry

What problem does it solve? Currently, state psychiatric hospitals are primarily utilizing paper based processes for medication ordering, medication administration and referrals. With the absence of an electronic health record, development of a software product will allow standardization of policies and procedures and ensure documentation compliance is increased along with reducing errors from manual transcription and antiquated paper processes What is your solution and who does it apply to? Development of a software application by current state Information Technology staff that will be utilized by clinical and non clinical staff. The software would allow physicians to enter both medication and non medication orders. Nursing would enter medication administration information and pharmacy staff would receive medication orders electronically. Other staff would be able to view information as needed to assist with patient care. What is the anticipated impact? Automation of these processes would increase patient safety by providing clinical staff with the tools to gather data on critical issues affecting patient care such as refusals of medication and administration of anti psychotic medications. Current manual tasks performed by clinical staff would be eliminated which would then allow for more time for interaction with patients. Some of the manual tasks include transcription of orders to paper medical chart and medication administration record, manual preparation for med pass times, monthly reconciliation of medication orders and data gathering required for quality control.


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