LSW's as Clinical Consultants

LSW's as Clinical Consultants

What problem does it solve? I Each DCPP area office was assigned a clinical consult thru an outside agency to review complex cases with various issues. These clinical consults are LPC and LCSW and provide additional insight or resources for the family. Subsequently, there are currently over 50 employees that have gone thru the Master in Child Welfare Program (MCWEP) and received their Master degree in social work. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Some of which have gone on to receive an LSW licensure which qualifies them to diagnose, assess and treat patients with various clinical mental health disorders. Each LSW is equally qualified to complete case reviews and provide resources to complex cases. A most effective outcome that increases the positive outcome of this service and a direct cost benefit for the state is to have those employees replace the program and complete the same task as the outside agency. Each LSW can be assigned to an area as the clinical consult reducing additional cost to the state to perform the same task as the outside agency. What is the anticipated impact? The anticipated outcome will be a increase in clinical trauma focused services to family by trained DCPP employees as well as a reduction in cost associated with contractual services.


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