Specialized Training for Supervisory Positions

Specialized Training for Supervisory Positions

What problem does it solve? Specialized training for supervisory position will produce qualified employees to take the required test and have a good passing grade to replace retiring supervisors, increase employees moral, increase productivity, fairness and increase state revenue. The most important assessment for any organization, or government agency is the human capital. It is surprising to see some teams disappearing because no one could pass the required test to replace the retiring supervisor of the team. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Few months ago, the supervisor for an audit team went to retirement, there was no replacement found simply because none of the candidates pass the required test. As the result, the team was combined to another audit team. The combined team has one supervisor and two reviewers. Then about three month later one of the two reviewers retired, now the combined team has only one reviewer, one supervisor. What will happens when the only reviewer goes to retirement, or if the supervisor quite or both of them left together? One solution is to create special training program. The program should last for two weeks period to train employees for future upper level positions. The successful candidate should start on the job training at least one year before the last day of the retirement of the supervisor or reviewer. What is the anticipated impact? Some of the impact and benefit include retaining experience and know how, increase knowledge in the field, efficiency, and fairness in application and enforcement of the state's tax laws and regulations.


The training should also include people skills. Far too many people are promoted and they absolutely lack supervisory skills and basic human compassion.

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