Defraying Costs of Hospitalization

Defraying Costs of Hospitalization

What problem does it solve? Adding Income to the State of New Jersey to Pay for Services or Related Improvements What is your solution and who does it apply to? At the present time, when individuals are hospitalized in our state psychiatric hospitals, their Social Security Income (SSI) is generally stopped. I believe the rationale for the stoppage is that the state is paying for their hospitalization (i.e., housing, medication, food, etc.) However, for individuals who receive Social Security Disability (SSD), these monies are not stopped. They continue to receive it irrespective of whether they are hospitalized or living in the community. Because of same, they can accumulate (i.e., save) quite a bit of money while they are hospitalized. This also means that hospitalization can be financially rewarding. When these recipients of SSD are living in the community, however; whether they reside in a group homes, boarding homes, or private residences; they have to pay for their housing Hence, what I'm suggesting is that the state garnish some of their SSD monies to pay for same. What is the anticipated impact? A fairer system and more revenue for the State of NJ


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