Webinar on the Business Action Center for NJ students

Webinar on the Business Action Center for NJ students

What problem does it solve? The Business Action Center is home to a wealth of information that can be useful to young people in the state as they pursue careers and determine if they are ready to enter the business world. A for-credit course benefits them by educating them on what the BAC offers and shines a light on an important government service. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Offering a for-credit webinar on the Business Action Center and its offerings would introduce NJ students to what's available through state government and inspire early entry into the business world and foster entrepreneurship. Experts from the BAC would record sessions on a range of topics such as starting a small business and companion training materials would be available on the BAC website. The webinar could be for high school and community college students as a general education credit or a business course credit. What is the anticipated impact? More New Jerseyans will know how to access the resources they need to start small businesses and to grow those businesses. The webinar would take the concept of starting a business from mere concept to real-life applications.


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