What problem does it solve? State should offer an online training course on customer service. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Teach government employees to put the interests of constituents first. What is the anticipated impact? Create a better relationship with citizens and their government.


The open-enrollment would be rolling and varied, not mandatory. No pre-qualifications or supervisory permission would be needed.

I think this is a good idea. An easy way to implement this would be to add a standardized basic customer service training module to the mandatory e-learning system for all employees that deal with the public and business community. This would improve the interaction between State employees and the public while at the same time improve the image they project.

Perfecting customer service is a must. Customer service can either make or break any entity, organization, etc.... Sales and the increase of cliental is a must and is as valuable as retention. Many are focused on the increase of numbers however the focus on retaining their cliental has become obsolete.

Unfortunately, everyone is not computer savy and my experience various complications when attempting to align themselves while using technology.

Good idea but will there be cost to the agencies? Most mandatory trainings are currently free to State departments.

The challenge with mandatory training (watching an online video) is retention and effectiveness. Customer Service needs to be embedded in the culture. It should be internal as well as evidenced to the public by how government interacts with them, ie; how easy is it to get what they need, what is their user experience like? Perhaps a whole campaign around customer service, internal & external to create a dialogue and highlight new information delivery methods, and how best to accomplish it.

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