Submit documents digitally, not paper

Submit documents digitally, not paper

What problem does it solve? When municipalities send documents to our office, they send them as paper. If they were sent digitally, the State and Municipalities would save money. The State would not need to buy filing cabinets, folders and use staff time to file the paper documents. Municipalities would save money on the cost of printing, mailing and staff time. This would likely save the State and municipalities hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Changes rules and laws that direct municipalities to send documents to the State. Instead, municipalities should be directed to email digital copies and not send paper documents. What is the anticipated impact? Savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for the State and municipal governments. For example, municipalities send our office notices related to their municipal plans, because the Municipal Land Use Law says to send them to the Office for Planning Advocacy under the Business Action Center under the Secretary of States office. Our office receives hundreds of documents each year that are often mailed by registered mail. Municipalities are required by other State agencies to send them information that if sent digitally would save each municipality a great deal of money.


Need to create a simple documentation system for DCPP - NY has a very simple system click tabs very limited amount of typing... This allows DCPP to do the work...with families. I spend more time on my computer then with actual clients.

This idea is long overdue. Paper is obsolete. Even Dunder Mifflin went out of business.

I have to agree. In my dept., we have electronic charting - which is very forward thinking, but then we also have paper charts in addition to the electronic charting, which is very wasteful. Electronic charting is the wave of the future and documents get scanned into the database. There are electronic signature pads for signing. Let's go green and get rid of paper once and for all. Train clerks on electronic charting. It's more efficient and will make their lives much easier.

completely overdue. Most, if not all NJ employees are in front of a computer. While charts and other databases, spreadsheets, etc are created using office applications, most of the time employees are asked to print them out for meetings. it would be much more beneficial to be sent through email or presented in meetings via powerpoint, access or some other digital presentation instead of mounds of paper that ends up in recycle bins.

A promotion to go digital when possible would be good. Digital signatures should be a part of the transition as well. Routine documents between state agencies and local offices should be digital as well.

This would help create efficiency in many offices, and make it easier to track documents. I would add that electronic credit card or other types of payments would help streamline the process even more for agencies that currently require fees, but don't have the necessary software to collect electronic payments.

This is a great idea. Check out post 283 for a way we can execute this! It deploys simple, familiar tools (Javascript programmed PDFs with workflows and Microsoft integrations) that are cost effective for employees to use to design electronic forms, documents and processes iteratively, from the bottom-up, while enabling instant access to electronic data that can guide digital government design from the top down.

The biggest challenge is to actually implement a solution that is a win. After reading the impact and feasibility section several topics are addressed. Sharing and standardization of electronic documents and files across state departments. This is huge. Requires a centralized statewide integrated network solution based on login credentials. There are so many viable solutions available ROI would be realized quickly. Above requires authority, trust, enterprise level thinking and IT professionals.

The State *can* eliminate its own generated paper! Required submissions of "multiple original signatures" still?! Let's use electronic processing of easy items first: what about a feature in eCATs, to allow for biweekly approval of mileage and travel expenses so they can be seen in the same place as the hours an employee charges to verify time, mileage and travel expenses altogether in one place, and remove the need for paper travel vouchers?! Employee/Supervisor sign electronically.

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