Statewide Procurement Opportunity List

Statewide Procurement Opportunity List

What problem does it solve? Allows businesses to more easily find procurement opportunities without having to research multiple websites for different agencies, and increases competition in the procurement system to reduce costs and improve efficiency. What is your solution and who does it apply to? A database in which the State posts all procurement opportunities from entities from across the State which will provide a method for other government, counties, municipalities, school districts, etc. to post bidding opportunities to the State website. What is the anticipated impact? A higher participation rate for potential vendors who want to work with the State will improve competition, decrease cost, and increase economic vitality of the business community.


There are 3rd party vendors who do this now - such as ARIBA - and there is a benefit of potentially adding automated electronic approvals! So pools of both external and internal approved vendors (WB Mason, DEPCOR, GRAINGER, etc.) are applied into a common platform and you order similarly as you do on AMAZON or any other shopping platform. Difference is, only authorized purchasers can access the system and there is a defined approval structure - including upward escalation if approvers are slow.

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