Voice Controlled Command Functions

Voice Controlled Command Functions

What problem does it solve? A hands-free, easy access way for constituents to obtain NJ facts & information, get addresses & phone numbers of specific agencies, current office holders, driver's license (and other) requirements, fees, set reminders for when your driver's license expires. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Reorganize the content for specific skills on all websites to allow for Voice-Contolled Commands utilizing popular platforms such as Alexa or Google home (even Siri) to access. This will an enable NJ citizens a seamless way to interact with their government and complete needed tasks, hassle free. It creates a connection to the state they live in. Examples of Skills: ASK NEW JERESEY - NJ facts & information, addresses & phone numbers of specific agencies, who is the Secretary of State? (or other office holder) what do I need to get my driver's license? , Can you help me with my driver's test? What is the fee for a fishing license? when does my driver's license expire? When will I get my next unemployment payment? What is traffic like on 195? When are my taxes due? What is the anticipated impact? A way to connect with citizens where they are. Especially beneficial to access regardless of abilities or disabilities. It could be beneficial to establishing confidence and trust


Your suggestion includes personal information questions. Would there be a secure way to ask personal information questions? Or would it just work for general information questions?

You can format it for whatever information you want available. That information would have to live somewhere. What were you thinking of as "personal Information"I personally was thinking more general request - like the most frequently asked questions for the State and each agency. I believe you could personally program your device to perform specific tasks for you.

Personal questions from your description: "...when does my driver's license expire? When will I get my next unemployment payment?...When are my taxes due? (could be specific or general)..."

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