Chat Bots

Chat Bots

What problem does it solve? Sometimes trying to locate the information or form you need on our websites can be challenging. There is a lot of information we have to make available and it can be difficult to sift through. The frustration level can be high. It usually leads to someone having to locate a phone number, to try to talk to a person to get what they need or give up. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Develop robust, intuitive chatbots that can answer the most frequently asked questions, or a series of questions and/or point the person in the right direction to find what they need by giving them the correct link. What is the anticipated impact? Will cut down on constituent frustration and make for a better, more positive and productive user experience. Hopefully, can cut down on unnecessary phone calls. Can answer questions 24/7


Happened to see this app from the USDA - that is a great resource and NJ could evolve an app into from a collection of FAQ's from the above.

Sometimes state employees have a difficult time finding information on different state websites. This scenario could occur more often for external users. I believe chat bots could definitely ease taxpayers' frustration with having to spend an exorbitant amount of time waiting on hold for help navigating state websites and for getting answers to simple questions. A domino effect will be less waiting on hold because less people will be calling hotlines.

Not all outside inquiries come from residents with access to a computer. Phone lines must be kept available, maybe with less staff to answer, if this were to happen.

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