State Agency Contacts - Pensions and Benefits

State Agency Contacts - Pensions and Benefits

What problem does it solve? Currently, if a department or agency Human Resource officer needs to contact Pensions and Benefits with questions, the only option is to call an employer number, which when called, the wait time can, at times, be over an hour. If each department or agency was assigned a contact person, similar to how the Civil Service Commission and OMB works with the departments/agencies, this would be a more efficient and effective use of staff time. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Have the Division of Pensions and Benefits assign specific staff members to the different departments and agencies as their reporting responsibilities. These can be members assigned to several departments/agencies. The departments/agencies would be able to call or email any questions to the specific person assigned to them for pension and benefit questions directly. Employees could still call the pensions and benefits number for information. It would also provide employers with information in written form to share with senior staff and leadership. What is the anticipated impact? Monetary savings in staff time because human resources will be used in a more efficient and effective manner.


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