Centralized State Of New Jersey Mobile Application

Centralized State Of New Jersey Mobile Application

What problem does it solve? This solves the problem of each state agency reporting on enterprise related topics individually. Mostly everyone has a smart phone these days, a centralized mobile application allows for state employees to have access to enterprise information as a whole broadcast so it may be understood from one statement instead of many. This creates a single place for employees to access all potential enterprise information. What is your solution and who does it apply to? The solution is to create a mobile application that allows information to be posted that is relevant to the enterprise. This can be information regarding eCats, Pensions, weather/emergency notices, potential traffic problems in congestion areas, basically anything with intent to broadcast to . employees as a whole. This could be used as central time sheet/authentication process if telecommuting where to ever be implemented as well. The mobile application would would be available for access to all State of NJ employees and authentication could be handled through he use of MyNJPortal for ease of access and common credentials that are already in use. What is the anticipated impact? The impact of a centralized application accessible to only state employees would provide confidence in government leadership as a direct message is displayed. This would eliminate the question of origin or legitimacy of the impending information. The other benefit is to the employee is it creates a one stop shop for access to information.


Great idea. Several states have done something like this - some by creating a proprietary app, some using https://getgov2go.com/. (example: https://www.ms.gov/msi/myms )

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