Utilize NJ Licensed Teachers who work in other State jobs

Utilize NJ Licensed Teachers who work in other State jobs

What problem does it solve? Having a data-base of NJ licensed teachers K-12, all subjects, who are available to help New Jersey students via email 24/7 with homework questions. This would give all students (and parents) in New Jersey access to information to help with a homework question on a one-time basis. This uses the skills of the teachers while helping students without impacting the student's current school. What is your solution and who does it apply to? This could be used when a student has an idea for a term paper but needs someone to give advice about the topic. Or, if a student is embarrassed to ask someone about a topic they do not understand. What is the anticipated impact? Only positive results will come from this. An employee, who is also a licensed teacher, would be able to do this any time they want and as often as they want. It makes sense!


I remember there being some sort of volunteer-staffed "Homework Hotline" in the early '90s, albeit by phone and not internet. The slogan was something like "questions come up when the sun goes down" Don't know what happened to that program, but this is a great idea.

I think this could work. Just like questions posted on Facebook, students could post a question either publicly or privately, and those qualified teachers who participate could add their helpful answers. No student registration should be required. I know there are lots of highly qualified teachers who choose to work in other State positions and still love teachings.

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