Centralization of Pictures for State Employee ID Cards

Centralization of Pictures for State Employee ID Cards

What problem does it solve? Currently, every Agency has their own process for creating Employee Identification cards, as well as their own camera system for the pictures. This costs the State money to procure and maintain the cameras and staff time to man the cameras and for new employees to sit for pictures. What is your solution and who does it apply to? The solution is to utilize an existing database of pictures, specifically, the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) database that stores the pictures for NJ residents that have MVC-issued ID cards for all State of NJ Employees. All state employees that have a NJ MVC picture ID would allow their Agency to access the photo. Non-NJ residents and NJ residents without picture IDs would be required to report to a MVC facility to have their picture taken for identification purposes. They would also grant access to their hiring Agency for access to this picture. What is the anticipated impact? This would save both money and man hours. The money would be saved by not replacing any camera equipment in an Agency that is solely used for picture IDs. The man hours saved would be for the time saved by the picture taker, as well as by the employee not needing to have their picture taken.


It would be great if all State ID badges for all agencies also included a scannable barcode with your information (Name, Title, Phone #, Agency you work at) that could be used when visiting other agencies, attending meetings/workshops. Would enable paperless sign-in, as well as being a more robust security procedure.

The State has start a standardized ID card - based on the Federal standard (FIPS) - it can get pretty complicated, and we are also only doing "FIPS-lite" meaning we can't afford the imbedded security chip in each card (which only last for 3 years) which jacks the price of the card from $2 each to over $40 each. The FIPS-lite cards that a number of NJ State Departments have now (DCF, DOE, DHS, OHS&P to name a few) have a 3-D bar code that has your info on it and lots of other features.

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