Sponsor A Hackathon or NJ Day of Code

Sponsor A Hackathon or NJ Day of Code

What problem does it solve? Deliver government services using modern technology and best practices. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Create an event or partner with Code For America ( https://www.codeforamerica.org ), or state colleges & universities (NJIT) to create innovative applications and solutions for specified needs, like some listed on this page. Or, issue a challenge to use the public data sets ( https://data.nj.gov/ ) that exist into useful business insights, analyses and tools. Colorado's: https://gocode.colorado.gov/ What is the anticipated impact? Time Saving: Many potential solutions and tools that could have dramatic impact in a short amount of time. Cost-Savings: could be huge - projects won't have to be sent to an outside company. Code for America Brigades are volunteer groups that collaborate with government and community partners to build new tools that help with local civic issues.


This type of event has held in NJ already this year - to create apps specifically for Maternal Health. https://news.njit.edu/njii-and-nj-department-health-host-innovation-challenge

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