GYM / Fitness center

GYM / Fitness center

What problem does it solve? It solve a variety of health issues, stress and promotes weight loss. "Exercising in the gym also boosts the production of endorphins, the chemicals responsible for feelings of euphoria and happiness. In addition, there are studies showing that working out can reduce symptoms of depression, which is why doctors are now recommending people suffering from anxiety to hit the gym. More importantly, you don’t need to work hours in the gym to feel the “high”, as a 30 minute workout is sufficient." What is your solution and who does it apply to? Create a fitness center / gym for state employees What is the anticipated impact? "If you had a tough day at work, head over to the gym for a workout and watch your stress level go down. Experts have proven that working up a sweat is effective in removing stress. Working out also boosts the body’s production of norepinephrine, a chemical that limits the brain’s reaction to stress."


Great for mind, body and soul and stress reliever

A focus on and support for healthy people is much needed. A gym/exercise facility available for use by state workers before, during and after work would be great to encourage and establish healthy habits for the workforce.

I love this idea. Finding time to get to the gym has become impossible. Going is a great stress release.

Jake- Ditto! many challenges for this proposal... If you're not going to a gym now, why would having a "state" gym be any different. You would need facilities all over the state. They would need to be operated at some cost. The better option would be to provide discounted memberships to private gyms for state employees.

Healthier employees are more focused, fewer health risks/injuries, reduction in stress levels, take less sick time off therefore more productive, improves staff morale as others don’t have to pick up the slack etc.

I would love to participate in this and I know many co-workers would also. A good idea would be to have discounts at local gyms and WMCAs.

It is a great thought in theory and would offer benefits but where would these gyms be located? how much would this cost the state and tax payers? what would the recurring costs be? Who would have access to the gym? there seems to be a lot of fiscals challenges with this idea when the state is trying to save money and generate revenue.

This is a great idea, however I don't think we need to create something that is already out there but introduce great incentives for employees using facilities located near their home or work. It helps out not only as a stress relief and a weight loss regimen, but in the long run it is preventative maintenance for healthcare costs. The employee receives the immediate benefit of the endorphins while the State receives the long-term low healthcare costs. It is a win win for everyone.

Many state leased offices have gym franchises within the building. Great stress reliever and working out as a group could help boost morale. The only cost to the employee would be the monthly fee, which could be as low as $10.

Having a healthy body has a direct influence on our minds, which creates better work environments, less tension, positive attitudes, which leads to productivity and overall health.

Agree, this will improve employee moral, production and less leave and sick time.

Downtown Trenton has multiple vacant business buildings that could easily be converted into a gym. Please bring a gym establishment to 50 E. State Street. Many state employees would benefit from a gym all year around that would promote a healthy life style. The gym establishment would need to incorporate an outdoor space for gym activities for those individuals that enjoy walking outside but have limited time. THIS IS A FABULOUS IDEA.

This would be great! I think finding the time to get to the gym is almost impossible, especially if you have a long commute. Having a fitness center / gym for State Employees would greatly impact our health.

I believe that healthy body is very important for a healthy brain. Gym/fitness center will provide state employee an opportunity to work on their body to stay healthy. This will help us to cut on our healthcare cost and improve our physical and mental health.

I LOVE this idea especially in the winter months and extremely hot summer days. It doesn’t have to be run by the State but give incentives to any of the gym establishments (Blink, WW, PF…) to put up one in downtown Trenton. This would encourage State employees to work out before work, during their lunch break and after work at the convenience of their workplace.

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