Phase Out Desk Phones

Phase Out Desk Phones

What problem does it solve? The issue of having multiple means of communication could now be consolidated into one (everything could be in one central location). On top of that, meetings could be hosted via Skype, etc., where you also get the intrinsic benefit of sharing your screen (and in turn, getting a more interactive session). It would also cut down on costs in the long term, and the physical equipment wouldn't have to be replaced once dated. What is your solution and who does it apply to? The solution is to migrate towards softphones (such as Skype, etc.). This would essentially provide the same result, as well as free up clutter. Of course, this may not apply to ever unit, however I believe it could be applied to the vast majority. What is the anticipated impact? Employees would have to get used to moving towards more technology centric means of communication, instead of relying on desk phones.


Skype is very good, but also requires constant WiFi in all buildings to be used either on cellphone or laptop, if only desktop then no major issues.

this requires cell reception, which we do not have at the Ocean South DCPP office.

This would be problematic for a few reasons, one is the elderly population, many have trouble hearing someone who is speaking on a cell phone. Another is poor cell reception. You can put in a booster for some carriers, but if for some reason there is a loss of electricity the booster won't work.

there are too many offices around the state that currently have very poor (or no) cell service which would cause major problems with the public getting through to them.

I imagine there issues regarding reception will need to be resolved but overall, this is an excellent suggestion. Often times more time is spent traveling to get to a meeting than the time taken to actually participate in the meeting. In addition, there is sometimes no value added by meeting in person as opposed to conferencing the discussion. While there will still be need for landlines and in person meetings, this alternative could at least reduce costs.

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