Unifying State Websites by Utilizing WordPress

Unifying State Websites by Utilizing WordPress

What problem does it solve? Currently all state websites have no unity. The are outdated, use different templates and layouts, and are paying to use third party software. Switching all state websites to WordPress would unify the presence of state websites, remove the need to pay for third party software, and would greatly increase the possibilities for technological changes on the websites. What is your solution and who does it apply to? My solution is to redesign all state websites using WordPress. This would allow each state department that manages a website to have more control, security, functionality, and would greatly increase the aesthetic appeal. What is the anticipated impact? This would save the state money yearly on any third party web software that is currently being used. WordPress is free, Open Source software that is used by approximately 27% of all websites online currently.


There's a lot of debate between WordPress VS. Drupal. https://thoughts.duoconsulting.com/blog/5-reasons-to-use-drupal-v Many state & Federal sites have recently made the switch to Drupal. There is approximately 34 states that use it an 150 federal sites. https://www.govtech.com/policy-management/Why-Big-Sites-Run-Drupal.html Georgia is the loudest cheerleader for it - they saved their state about 14 million dollars within only five years. https://digitalservices.georgia.gov/case-studies-0

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