Eliminate many of the Toll Free numbers to State Offices

Eliminate many of the Toll Free numbers to State Offices

What problem does it solve? Direct Immediate Cost Savings to the State What is your solution and who does it apply to? Most of the toll-free numbers for specific office locations were established when landlines were the primary telephones in use by the public, and the state wanted to provide access without toll charges to the public. Today, almost everyone has a cell phone or Voice-Over-Internet phone systems in their home - and long-distance charges (within the state) are a thing of the past. I'm sure we are still paying for the capability of toll-free inbound calls, but the usage is either very low or could be directed to regular numbers for offices rather than toll-free lines. Not suggesting any "Hotlines" be changed - like calling a toll-free number for Domestic Violence help or Child Protective Services - but rather the routine calls that come to State Offices everywhere. What is the anticipated impact? Cost Savings to the state. This idea could be coupled with others being suggested as well.


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