State exempt metered parking for on the job state workers

State exempt metered parking for on the job state workers

What problem does it solve? DCPP/State workers in areas of New Jersey are plagued by feeding the meter parking while on official state business. What is your solution and who does it apply to? A plaque or sticker to advise the parking authority of the specific town that the vehicle is exempt from receiving a ticket. What is the anticipated impact? As State employees we are currently working to serve communities and are impacted when we must pay a parking ticket due to metered parking. Unfortunately some of us cannot afford to pay for a parking garage and wait to be reimbursed. Many times we do not carry exact change or are offered a business credit card to pay for metered parking or parking garages.


as side issue to this is that when using your own vehicle for state business the reimbursement rate is only 31 cents a mile I still believe, while the national Federal rate is 58 cents a mile. With fuel costs/fuel taxes ever so rising, the state reimbursement rate has lagged behind on this. Vehicles take in great amounts of wear and tear on pothole streets, in addition to just fuel prices.

are there agencies that do not supply workers with designated parking lots/replacement lots?

Nah, It cuts out the profits to the municipality. A struggling municipality like Trenton that already is under the thumbnail of a State MOU and is plagued my no income from State buildings will need further assistance that will plague the tax payer even further.

Agree, We work for the state and while on duty state employees should not pay for meter parking or parking garages. As employees we request the money back which takes more time from the accounting department who now has to complete reimbursement checks and it takes away from employees from their own jobs to fill out all of this paper work. Time and production lost on both sides.

This would be good for those that need to drive for their jobs to locations to make job-related visits in State vehicles. However, there is potential for abuse of employees parking for eight hours in an urban area, taking the parking spots for a long time and leaving the agency's customers who visit, as well as the general public to surrounding businesses, to find parking much further away. One solution is to have the agency pay for a parking lot either for visitors or staff, or both.

As long as your on the job, and not on lunch it should be a no brainer. Some agencies issue placards to some employee's. There should be a universal standard for employee's who are on duty and placards for parking. It's tricky to implement though. Street parking vs private parking.

This is an amazing idea. As a worker who works primarily in the city, having to pay the meters is very difficult and hurts our wallets. It also doesn’t make any sense to charge us for something that we’ll be reimbursed for. The state isn’t making any money from us paying meters so why have us do it. All it does is hurt the worker. Having free parking for state vehicle is the logical thing to do and should’ve been done a long time ago.

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