State of NJ Brand Ambassador

State of NJ Brand Ambassador

What problem does it solve? A Brand Ambassador Program will allow different state agencies to develop state employees talents, leadership skills and enhance the connection between public service and the residents of NJ. What is your solution and who does it apply to? This innovative idea allows state employees the opportunity to represent, not only NJ, but also represent their State Agency. Applicants will be interviewed, a committee will decide on 2 Brand Ambassadors per state agency and this opportunity would be valid for a 1-2 year time frame. Brand Ambassadors can attend functions throughout the State of NJ to develop more meaningful relationships with the public and also functions within their State Agencies. This program would give state employees the moment to develop their leadership skills, represent the Vision Statement, Mission Statement and Core Values of NJ/State Agencies and develop the working relationship between each other. The can also learn from Executive Management and Government Officials what it takes to make the State function and also allows for networking opportunities. What is the anticipated impact? A NJ Brand Ambassador can impact the State by showing Residents and State Employees that working relationships matter, that the ideas from someone can be heard and that Customer Service is key to the success of the program. A Brand Ambassador would be recognized with a State of NJ Representation Pin and designed to say Ambassador.


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