Taking MVC Road Tests a step into the future

Taking MVC Road Tests a step into the future

What problem does it solve? It will eliminate the need for paper forms and stationary, which while inexpensive short term can be costly in the long run. What is your solution and who does it apply to? While the upfront investment may be costly, most of the needed infrastructure is already present at most agencies and testing sites. Most agencies already have server rooms and it would just be a matter of providing a whitelisted set of devices to access a wireless, long range access point or provide the devices with cellular capabilities. Forms can be updated and changed on the fly to the newest revision as needed. Forms will be automatically uploaded and stored to servers already in place preventing loss and/or misplacement. Controlled documents can be discarded as results will be automatically entered as the road test occurs. Various data points can be calculated automatically to provide further data without the need for human intervention, providing audit personnel, supervisors, coordinators the necessary information and tools to make decisions on how or where to improve upon. What is the anticipated impact? By bringing smart tablets into the hands of Safety Specialists, they are better able to correctly identify applicants and certify their documents (preventing fraud), make informed decisions (efficiency), and streamline the road testing process (customer service).


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