Trauma focused education and support for resource parents

Trauma focused education and support for resource parents

What problem does it solve? Resource parents will be more equipped to handle the needs of children entering placement because they will have a better understanding of the effects of trauma on children and how it presents in the form of behaviors. By bringing resource parents together to obtain trauma focused education, not only are we building on their skills, but we are also helping them form a support network with other resource families in similar situations. Children will have fewer placement disruptions. What is your solution and who does it apply to? Our resource parents caring for unrelated children currently receive all of their training prior to accepting a child into their home. Resource parents are required to complete an additional 21 hours of training within their first three years of licensure however many fail to attend in-person trainings, and many wait until the end of the three years to get their hours. I would like to propose that resource parents be required to attend one in person EMBRELLA meeting every month for the first 6 months after accepting their first child. These meetings will include trauma focused education. The in-person meetings will also build a support network for our resource families as they can make relationships with others in their same position. Ultimately this will benefit children in placement, our most vulnerable population, because they will be with strong united resource parents that are equipped to meet their needs, subsequently leading to fewer placement disruptions. What is the anticipated impact? This proposal is efficient because it will cost NJ $0, and save NJ thousands. EMBRELLA, formerly known as FAFS already exist and offers free training to licensed resource parents. All we would be changing is that resource parents complete one in-person training a month for the first six months after accepting their initial placement. By increasing resource parents trauma focused education and building their support network during the most challenging months after accepting placement, we can increase the stability of children in care. Our resource parents are a cherished valuable asset to our children and it is the states responsibility to ensure that they have every opportunity to succeed. One evening a month for six months is all it could take to build a network, educate, and ensure the stability of hundreds of NJ's children.


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