Mentorship and Coaching Program

Mentorship and Coaching Program

What problem does it solve? It allows for the knowledge to be shared and allow participants the opportunity to see how the business works from a different perspective other than the front line. What is your solution and who does it apply to? By creating a mentoring program- you invest in your employees and help develop their skills and talents. It allows for an investment also back into the State. You would have a selection committee and an interview process to pair participants up with their specific mentors. This will allow room for growth and knowledge to be shared. Investing in employees will have an impact also on customer service. If you need a Mentor/Coach certified, there should be a training to help guide them and also have sit downs with state department management on the specifics of their expectations for the program. What is the anticipated impact? Long term it could allow for efficiency and transitions from one job to the next be more stream lined. It benefits each state agency by having information on how specifics of the business are run and allow for the chance for each "generation" to learn from the previous of what works and what doesn't work.


Bonny- Thank you for your feedback. I would love to know more about your program.

I agree that a mentoring program should be offered to all agencies, however it must be remembered that ultimately your direct supervisor / manager should be your mentor and career guide. Performance of such should be added to every supervisor's ePAR! It should also not be just "lip service"!

We have a great program here in Treasury! It could definitely be expanded to other agencies.

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