What problem does it solve? Residents come to different state agencies on a monthly or yearly basis to have paperwork processed. Most of the time, they will call the numbers to the state agencies and have to go through prompts to get the answer they are looking for. This idea can alleviate long hold times and also teach our residents the "How to do" in preparation to get what they need done completed. What is your solution and who does it apply to? By creating 30 second or 1 minute online videos, this allows residents to go to a state agencies website, click on a link that would take them to another webpage for "how to do" videos. This can visually show residents how to complete applications for Titles and Registration, for licenses: "What are my 6 points?", " How do I process a documented vessel?" to name a few. Most people are visual learners and many, including myself, use to figure out to do something. What is the anticipated impact? This impact can save a lot of time for both residents and state workers. This can help with lines and mostly it can help educate residents and out of state residents moving to NJ, how to doing something to each departments State Policies and Procedures. Customer Service is so vital to what our State runs on and with today's expectations, this will bridge that gap into efficiency.


YES! Include deadline dates & important highlights so people don't have to read all of the instructions, which they don’t do anyway. Especially helpful for senior citizens. Will help alleviate impression that the State is trying to withhold taxpayers' money by using fine print to deny applications for refunds. Include actual documentation (redact FTI) needed to complete forms showing where to find info on it. Get dept/branch approval before posting to ensure accuracy.

Beth, I agree. In today's world we have instant gratification. It's key to utilizing the proper tools to help explain and clarify things for our customers, both internal and external. It will allow people to see the simplicity and the more complicated ones can be a longer video. The key is to stick to Policy and Procedure, as well as the Laws and Regulations we abide by. When there is clarity, there is understanding and where there is understanding there is acceptance. Thank you for your input.

The descriptions of these videos could include direct links to the forms mentioned within them so that customers could prepare & print the needed forms prior to the transaction.

The needs of each customer is unique to their circumstance and types of transaction, it will be crucial to remind customers that these videos are an overview of how to accomplish these tasks in the most broad context.

Rosemarie, I completely agree with both of your points. If I could put an example of how it would be done it would clarify exactly each of those points. Furthermore, it would be the basic things that are typically done and should something need further information, I would instruct them to go into an agency and have a technician help them or give them the phone numbers to where they could also phone call in. Mary

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