The Green Collar Worker - Working From Home

The Green Collar Worker - Working From Home

What problem does it solve? Telecommuting offers a myriad of solutions for state government. These benefits include increased productivity, greater employee morale, workforce retention, and a larger pool of qualified potential employees. Other solutions include a reduction in our state’s carbon footprint, overuse of sick time, and fewer government operated buildings, with an overall savings to tax payers. What is your solution and who does it apply to? To provide state employees the flexibility to telecommute during the workweek. Telecommuting can benefit most state employees. What is the anticipated impact? In 2010, Congress passed the Telework Enhancement Act of 2010 which afforded Federal Government employees to telecommute. The Federal Government sites numerous benefits in its 2016 Fiscal Year report. Additional research shows similar trends in cost benefit analysis, employee morale, and reduction of carbon footprint. The anticipated impact of telecommuting for employees of the state of NJ would mirror these proven outcomes and provide additional benefits.



I support working from home. This would cut costs for the State of NJ. It is a win-win for everyone, NJ residents and State workers.

Working from home or remotely can have many benefits. The office can be anywhere. Saving money of course is key. Scheduling conference calls can be flexible. Video calls that won't take near as long as internal meeting and not to mention commuting to the locations. You can learn more and be more independent. If your sick, you are still able to be productive from home and wont be infecting your co-workers. You can avoid office politics and skip the gossiping within the office.


This ideal is good for ALL State employees and not only for "Green Collar Worker"

I would definitely support the idea of working from home.

I support the position working from home. It would be greatly beneficial to work 1 to 2 days a week from home or whatever is finalized at the end if it becomes a reality.

While I support the idea I am also apprehensive of the misuses. May become nightmare for supervisors and managers.

I agree with a 2-3 day work at home workweek.

Telecommuting will allow to maintain a better work-life balance! Reduces attrition- reduces unscheduled absences and will increase productivity. Most importantly it will help employers & employees save money.

With proper oversight, this is a great option and will attract many other skilled professionals to NJ while providing a great cost savings to the State.

The productivity level would increase in most cases. Driving 45-60 minutes each way could be time spent working from home. It would also most definitely cut down illnesses spread in an office setting.

I fully support this position for a big reason - money saved! Just in LWD alone, many $100K are spent each year to maintain "remote offices" for the field personnel with various Bureaus. This is real money! But, sadly, it will probably never be adopted because top management fears calls from the taxpayers like "it's a workday, why is my neighbor's State car sitting in his/her driveway one day every week?" Pity.

I'd like to be included in this team if the idea makes it to the top 20. I strongly believe in telecommuting. However, I know of a specific abuse of it, which I don't want to elaborate on here, and I would want to ensure we implement guards against it.

Cost per square foot of new office space is approximately $15-25. We can be saving a ton of money if we allow working from home or quit leases in remote locations of the state.

Having worked from home in a prior career, I can certainly attest to the fact that you are much more productive!

There are many field employees who are already outfitted with the technology (laptop, vpn, mobile phone) needed to do this right now but are still required to report to the office to complete work that could be completed from home. On top of that, they are usually using a state vehicle to make that commute. It just makes sense to allow these employees to utilize the resources they have already been provided to their fullest extent.

Great idea. Need to take counsel from the Feds on how they've implemented this, and dealt with issues of productivity, performance metrics, etc. We typically follow the federal model in other areas

What's unique about this idea is that you have included the word flexible. While telecommuting is an great work opportunity the flexible part makes it second to none. In the past I have needed more time to get my children off the bus or run an errand this idea would've allowed me to do that. The perk would be very valuable to a system that often times cannot reward financially.

I fully support this proposal!

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