Explore and harness empowering capabilities of MS SharePoint

Explore and harness empowering capabilities of MS SharePoint

What problem does it solve? Explore and harness the empowering capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint for document management and team collaboration with individuals and teams, within groups, divisions, departments, and statewide. SharePoint removes (a) the limitations of Shared drive (for example, shared drive is local computer based and it has a limited capacity as a document repository; (b) workflow impediments (e.g. lack of real-time-on-line collaborative access) that we contend with presently within and among groups What is your solution and who does it apply to? To deploy SharePoint as a solution aimed at providing a robust document management and collaboration tool for file sharing and exchange that is beyond the capabilities of Shared drive that we presently use at NJ State Police, for example. The benefits of SharePoint far outweigh its costs. In order to minimize implementation cost and avoid diminishing paybacks, my solution will include deployment of SharePoint in either of two ways that Office of Information Technology can analyze as most cost effective (a) SharePoint via a Server (on site); (b) SharePoint via Office 365 (in cloud). The onsite based version will be costlier than the cloud based version. Moreover, HUDDLE is another application that has touted itself as the #1 alternative to SharePoint for a low cost budget. What is the anticipated impact? Share point will enhance the collaborative values of teams, groups, and partners across the organization and outside of it by providing the enabling environment to work together on programs and projects that are group wide, division wide, department wide, and statewide in scope. SharePoint provides the conduit for sharing files and collaborating with individuals, groups, and everyone in a team, division, department, and the state of New Jersey as an organization. Unlike Shared drive, it has virtually unlimited storage capacity and it can be accessed from anywhere, any location, and from any device with an internet connection. Ayo Ogunsola, Administrative Analyst 3 / Program Manager, Grant Management Bureau, Division of State Police, Department of Law and Public Safety.


Office365 version also allows for multiple authorized people to edit the same file at the same time - for example an Excel spreadsheet with information needing updates from multiple sites or departments can be updated simultaneously - and without everyone being stuck if someone "locks" the file while they are away from their desk. There are also a ton of add-on's like Skype for Business, MS Teams, etc. that promote wide-area group collaboration.

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