Direct Deposit for Supplemental Paychecks

Direct Deposit for Supplemental Paychecks

What problem does it solve? Not having to print checks and stubs What is your solution and who does it apply to? To offer direct deposit on supplemental paychecks as done with regular paychecks for state employees. State employees who receive supplemental paychecks. What is the anticipated impact? Saving money and time on not having to print the checks.


We have been hearing for years that this was going to happen. What is the roadblock? Why can't the Supplemental Checks be directly deposited just like our regular paychecks? It could save the checks from having to be mailed to the worker's home or delivered from Trenton.

There are no downsides! Why hasn't this already been implemented?

Great suggestion. Absolutely support it.

I agree that it should be done as it has not been demonstrated to me that there is a valid prohibitive reason.

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