Casual Dress - allow professionals to dress business casual

Casual Dress - allow professionals to dress business casual

What problem does it solve? Productivity What is your solution and who does it apply to? Professionals who do not meet with the public perform more efficiently when allowed to dress business casual everyday as does most of the business world. What is the anticipated impact? Increased productivity and morale.


There is a lack of decorum and professionalism in dress among employees in many offices at the Executive Agency level.

Stress on the business portion of business casual. However, there is no good reason why individuals in offices that don't admit the public should not be able to wear business casual on a daily basis. And if it's a snow day it should be okay to wear jeans and sneakers too!

Business casual should be allowed for everyone - including those who meet with clients. When clinicians feel comfortable, they are more relaxed. This shows in their demeanor and interactions with clients are less intense more meaningful. Also, when a person feels comfortable, it allows for more creative thought - generates ideas.

I do not see a NJ State Government benefit with this suggestion. The state's employment dress code has been relaxed for some time now. As the code relaxed your dry cleaning bills should have too!

And the lord said "let there be jeans", and the devil replied "and let them be un-hole-y." I agree to both ends, allow casual clothes, but to a degree. Nice jeans and a polo should be acceptable; sweatpants, or yoga pants that look like they may as well be pajamas...not so much

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